What you can do with...

At the heart of Bizplay are the pages with information that you create. Once created, you sequence those in playlists and finally publish them in channels. But first, let’s dive into everything you can do with pages.

The page designer

Traditionally, digital signage content management systems did nothing more than sequence images and videos and had them play continuously. However, Bizplay is much more than that. With our fully-featured page designer, you have the freedom to layout your pages the way you want.

Texts and tables

Add the text you like to your page using our advanced text editor. You have a wealth of fonts to choose from, even emojis 😎. Our Pro users can upload their corporate identity fonts and decide to create a limited custom font set. The editor also enables you to add tables, which is very convenient for creating structured lists.

Your images and videos PLUS thousands of stock footage

Of course, you can upload an unlimited number of your images and videos to Bizplay to display them on your pages. These are stored in your image and video catalogs. But best of all: both catalogs let you directly search for thousands of beautiful stock photos and videos on Unsplash and Pexels. Find and select the photo or video you love, and it will automatically be uploaded to your catalog and added to your page. Additionally, there is a Slideshow app that enables you to create a slideshow of your images and/or videos.

Unlimited video and audio from YouTube, Vimeo, and web radio stations

Finding great video footage online to complement your digital signage content has never been easier. Just search for that perfect video on YouTube or Vimeo and copy its web address into our YouTube and Vimeo app, after which you can display it in any size on your page. You can do the same with web radio stations, which you can add to your page with our Streaming Audio app or which you can add as background music to your playlist. You can even display hours of YouTube videos by embedding an entire YouTube playlist. Including a YouTube playlist is excellent for showing educational videos, (extreme) sports videos, funny videos, and much more.

Social media

Bring all popular social media channels to your Bizplay pages by featuring individual posts or creating an entire “social wall” with a collection of recent social media posts. You can choose any style you like to show your posts or a selection of others from all the popular social channels, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Yammer.

So many other apps...

There are even more apps to add dynamic content to your page. Let us highlight most of them...


Show the latest news in the style you like: a sequence of articles, a horizontal ticker, a vertical ticker, or a large image with just a title. Whatever you prefer: there’s a style for you.

RSS Feed

Show any RSS feed in the style you like: as a sequence of articles, a horizontal ticker, a vertical ticker, or a large image with just a title. Just like the News app.

My Data

Do you want to show your own data as a ticker or sequence of single articles on your screen? Then you can use the My Data app. You can even have it pull data from files on Dropbox.

Design for any target resolution

You can make your Bizplay page fit any screen: the regular landscape 16:9 screen in full HD, 4K or even 8K, or any portrait 9:16 screen in these resolutions. In fact, you can choose any custom resolution, since Bizplay scales all your content to the final screen format. Do you want to create a multi-screen video wall solution? Set your page to the full resolution of the entire setup, and you can design content to cover the whole video wall. Or go the opposite direction and design pages for low-resolution mobile LED panels.

Start with a common design base

You can achieve a consistent design by harnessing the power of background pages. To do this, create a page that contains the common elements you want to display across all your pages, such as a top and bottom bar with a date, time, and company logo. Then when you design a new page, set that standard page as the background of this new page. The new page then immediately contains all the common elements. Now you only need to add the elements unique to this new page.

Work from a sample page collection

Of course, you don’t have to start from scratch. On the dashboard, you can pick a new page from our sample page collections. If you start with that, maintaining visual consistency between all that collections' pages is easy. Since you can change the color scheme for all pages, you selected from the same sample page collection, thereby updating the color scheme for all those pages from one central place.


Animated content naturally draws more attention than static content. Within Bizplay, you can animate all the elements you put on a page. As with all things in Bizplay, we’ve focussed on making animations as easy to create as possible by narrowing them down to animations that happen when a page shows, animations that occur while the page is showing, and animations that happen when the page is about to disappear. This way, you can animate elements “in and out” of the page and emphasize them while showing the page.

Take the quick route and see for yourself

There is no better way to find out what Bizplay can do for your digital signage needs than trying it yourself with no strings attached.