The technology

Bizplay is a cloud-based digital signage content management system. Using the cloud has many significant advantages. We’ll take you through them.

Cloud based

Manage from anywhere, play anywhere

When we say that Bizplay runs in the cloud, this means that it runs on the internet as a website you can access through your web browser. You log in to the Bizplay website to create and manage your content. And on your TV screen, you run a web browser that visits the unique web address of the Bizplay channel you created, and it will play the content you assigned to it automatically. You can do this anywhere where you have an internet connection.

No need for proprietary software

Gone are the days of having to install and constantly update vendor-specific software to stay up to date. Everything runs in the web browser. You don’t have to worry about updating the software; that is what we do behind the scenes. You always get the latest and greatest as soon as you open Bizplay through your web browser.

Play on smart TVs, existing PCs, Raspberry Pi, or whatever you like

Playing Bizplay content in just a web browser means you can choose from many playback devices. It can be as simple as playing it in the built-in web browser of a smart TV. Or, if you are looking to migrate an existing solution to Bizplay, chances are great that you can reuse your current playback devices. Or hook up something as simple as a Raspberry Pi 4. You only need to consider if the playback device is powerful enough to display the type of content you want to play.

“Our healthcare facility now has 10 Smart TV's running everything from menus to activity calendars and pictures and special events. It is so easy to use and there is no limit to how creative you want to be with fonts and graphics. There is no other digital sign company that I have found that has the features and ease of use as Bizplay or that is as affordably priced. I am also only an email or web chat away from any help that I need from the Bizplay team! Thanks for all you do!”

Heidi Spires CTRS
Heidi Spires CTRS
NHC Greenville, Greer, SC USA

From low-resolution LED walls to high-resolution video walls

Bizplay content scales to whatever display you play it on: from a large outdoor low-resolution LED panel to a multi-screen high-resolution video wall. You don’t even have to design for a specific resolution: as long as you’re creating for the correct aspect ratio. You can configure the resolution (and thus aspect ratio) of your pages in the properties of those pages. Anything is possible: from ultra-wide to ultra-narrow. If your target display is an arrangement of multiple screens, you must set up your hardware and operating system to display one large web browser window across those screens. From that moment on, all content you publish plays neatly on your video wall.

No firewall changes needed

This one will make your IT department extremely happy! Several other solutions in the market need to push new content over the internet to playback devices. Unfortunately, pushing content requires you to open your firewall to that communication line. Opening a firewall poses a security risk, and many IT departments oppose it. Bizplay, on the other hand, plays all content in a web browser, meaning that all content will be retrieved (pulled) from the internet, just like any web browsing human would do. Web browsing is a base-level scenario for virtually any IT network; thus, all prerequisites will already be in place. No adjustments to firewalls or any other network security measures are necessary.

Very GDPR friendly

Of course, Bizplay complies with the GDPR rules, which enforce an additional layer of data protection by law. To maximize data protection, we store all data in the EU.

Take the quick route and see for yourself

There is no better way to find out what Bizplay can do for your digital signage needs than trying it yourself with no strings attached.