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It has never been easier to get the information you like
to share onto TV screens in your organization.

Whether in one location or hundreds of them,
with Bizplay you can arrange this in no time at all

This is how easy it is...

Excellent communication is at the heart of every great organization. And if there is one way to get your latest messages across to everyone anywhere, then it’s through TV screens. You can instantly share important information with your customers, employees, students, patients, or anyone on site.

You might think getting something like this setup and then maintaining it is quite an ordeal. And that’s precisely why we created Bizplay: to give you a tool that lets you create and maintain your information logically and naturally. See for yourself...

  • Runs in any web browser
  • No software maintenance
  • Apps for social media, video, news, and more
  • Customers in over 80 countries
01Create a page
Click add to add a blank page and create your content in the page designer
02Create a playlist
Now create a playlist and drag your page into the desired playback position
03Create a channel
Finally, publish your playlist by dragging it into your very own TV channel
04Ready to play!
Enter the channel's web address on your TV and watch your content play!
01Create a page
Click add to add a blank page and create your content in the page designer
02Create a playlist
03Create a channel
04Ready to play!

“Our healthcare facility now has 10 Smart TV's running everything from menus to activity calendars and pictures and special events. It is so easy to use and there is no limit to how creative you want to be with fonts and graphics. There is no other digital sign company that I have found that has the features and ease of use as Bizplay or that is as affordably priced. I am also only an email or web chat away from any help that I need from the Bizplay team! Thanks for all you do!”

Heidi Spires CTRS
Heidi Spires CTRS
NHC Greenville, Greer, SC USA

Online digital signage in so many different places


It cannot be overstated how important digital signage is in hospitals, health centers, and smaller medical practices. It starts with wayfinding. But providing important directions or medical information is extremely important. Just like wait times, schedules, doctor information, and much more.


Whether you're welcoming visitors to your office or keeping your staff up to date with the latest company developments: digital signage is a very convenient way to deliver the right message at the right place and time.


As a multi-functional space for reading and self-education, a library can benefit greatly from providing clear and timely information to visitors through digital signage.


Schools use Bizplay in so many ways. Share the latest school news with both students, teachers and other staff. Designate a section of the page to wayfinding. Share photos of latest events. Or show a calendar of upcoming events.

Bars & restaurants

Restaurants frequently use Bizplay to show digital menu boards. Bars often show promotions, upcoming events, cool YouTube playlists of sports videos, and much more.


Hotels help their guests first and foremost with great wayfinding. But secondly, they help them make the most of their stay by showing everything the hotel and other venues in the area have to offer. It’s a great way of promoting services offered by local partners.

Sports clubs & gyms

Track scores and celebrate wins within your sports club through your digital signage screens. In gyms, digital signage can provide entertainment but also incentivize cross-sales.

Manufacturing & logistics

Efficient processes are key in manufacturing and logistics facilities. Having the right information at the right time and place is a crucial part of this; that is what digital signage enables.

Retail stores

As a retail store owner, you put in a lot of effort to stand out and serve your customer to the best of your ability. Digital signage is a crucial extension of this, especially if customers are browsing by themselves or waiting to be served.

Of course, you don't have
to create all content yourself

There’s a lot of information online that you can bring to your TV screens using Bizplay apps. And with a Pro subscription, you can even create your own apps to integrate virtually any online data source you like quickly.

Why Bizplay?

It's made for you!

Not for some overpriced technical digital signage content management expert. So you can manage your content on your own!

Pick any hardware you like

Virtually any hardware can run a web browser; so virtually any hardware can run Bizplay. Got any questions? We're always glad to help!

Create, publish AND play within a web browser

From anywhere in the world. No need to install any specific software. And you always automatically run the latest and greatest version of Bizplay.

We build this digital signage software with a lot of love and care

We're building and improving Bizplay daily with you -the end customer- in mind.

Apps make presenting fresh content easy

No need to create all content from scratch. Integrate all kinds of online content with our apps.

We have customers in over 80 countries

And they are running thousands of screens to their full satisfaction.

“We mulled over the idea of a lobby display for a year and reached out to many different companies about their services before we came across Bizplay. Having the chance to try the software before committing to it was wonderful. The software itself is very user-friendly and doesn’t require a computer-wiz to work, which was a really big selling point for us. The lobby display has made for a beautiful addition to our space where we can keep our patrons up-to-date about upcoming shows and events and entertain a waiting audience with some of our promo videos. Theatre Tuscaloosa is going to be sticking with Bizplay for quite a while!”

Kiera Gillock
Kiera Gillock
Theatre Tuscaloosa

Take the quick route and see for yourself

There is no better way to find out what Bizplay can do for your digital signage needs than trying it yourself with no strings attached.