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After you have created individual playlists, it’s time to publish them into your own TV channel, by dragging them into the appropriate channel on your dashboard. Let’s explore what that looks like.

Channel features

Create your own TV channel

Once your pages are neatly organized in playlists, you can drag one or more playlists into a channel. Channels have a unique web address, via which is can be played in any web browser.

Scheduling playlists

You can drag multiple playlists into a channel. One will play after the other. But you can also assign date/time constraints to each playlist, so it only plays in specific periods, on certain weekdays, or during certain time blocks. This way, you can create your own TV schedule.

Share your channel via email or your website

Since Bizplay runs entirely in your web browser, you can share your channel easily via email or by embedding it in your website or intranet site. The “share”-option plays your channel for up to 30 minutes without counting towards your number of screen licenses.

Vertical and mirrored playback

Do you have a smart TV that you like to tilt to play in portrait mode? Simply set your channel to tilt the contents, and it will instantly be displayed correctly on your screen. You can even set a channel to play mirrored, in case you use a backlighting projector.

Touch to go forward and back

If you're playing your channel on a touch screen, you can enable forward/backward navigation. A user then taps the right side of the screen to move forward or the left side of the screen to move back in the playback sequence.

“Our healthcare facility now has 10 Smart TV's running everything from menus to activity calendars and pictures and special events. It is so easy to use and there is no limit to how creative you want to be with fonts and graphics. There is no other digital sign company that I have found that has the features and ease of use as Bizplay or that is as affordably priced. I am also only an email or web chat away from any help that I need from the Bizplay team! Thanks for all you do!”

Heidi Spires CTRS
Heidi Spires CTRS
NHC Greenville, Greer, SC USA

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