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After creating individual pages, it’s time to put them in a playback sequence. You do that by dragging them into a playlist and placing them in the playback order you prefer. Let’s explore how that works.

Playlist features

Control playback duration of each page

How long should each page in a playlist be displayed? You can configure that in several ways. First, you can set a fixed number of seconds for each page. Alternatively, you can let the video duration determine the playback duration for pages containing video. Lastly, for pages with an element that sometimes doesn’t have any data to show, like the Birthdays app, you can have the playlist skip that page in that case.

Control playback duration of each page

Scheduling individual pages

If you want certain pages only to be shown in specific periods or on certain dates, or at certain times, you configure a schedule you like for each page in the playlist. You can even have the playlist automatically clean up after itself by having it remove the pages whose schedules have expired. That keeps things nice and tidy and easy to maintain.

Page scheduling

“Bizplay is user friendly and has been a beneficial digital signage tool that our office has invested in. If there are questions that we have about Bizplay, the customer support team is very responsive and happy to help.”

Dannie Asante-Appiah
Dannie Asante-Appiah

Use playlists across dashboards

It is a best practice for larger organizations to have separate dashboards for separate branches of the organization. You can link to a playlist on another dashboard, a quick and convenient way to share content amongst branches. Any updates made to the original playlist by its owner are immediately visible in the playlists that link to it.

Use playlists across dashboards

Overlay common content on top of a playlist

Sometimes you want to common information on top of all the pages in a playlist. This could be a news ticker, the current time, or perhaps the progress bar that shows the current page duration. A quick way to do this is to create a page with just this additional layer of information and then add it to a playlist as a foreground page. Et voilà: each page now has that information overlaid on top of it.

Foreground page

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