Larger organizations

Advanced use


As a large organization, you often have additional requirements beyond the essential content management features to manage content and the organization around it more effectively. Bizplay has also got you covered in all those areas.

Structured content management

Bizplay offers several options for structuring and formalizing content management to prevent content proliferation.

Separate dashboards for each branch/location

If you have multiple branches or locations, you often want each of these to manage only its content. You can do that easily by giving each branch its dashboard and ensuring that people within that branch can only access that dashboard when they log in. Again, there is no limit to the number of dashboards you can create.

Dashboard per branch

Formalize the content management process with user roles

By default, everyone can create and publish content in Bizplay. But you can also add a layer of quality control to your process by giving certain users the “author role”. Everything they change or create with this role will be saved as a concept and cannot be published. Instead, an editor or company administrator must approve the new content before it is publishable.

User roles

Log in with Google or Microsoft

If your organization already uses Google or Microsoft accounts to let users log into specific systems, you can also let them log into Bizplay via Google or Microsoft. Using external login providers is very useful for securely handling employees who leave your organization. Once you have deactivated their Google or Microsoft account, they can automatically no longer log into Bizplay.

Log in with Google or Microsoft

Anchor your corporate identity

Bizplay offers various ways to anchor your corporate identity...

  1. Set your company color palette, making sure that when a user has to pick a color, the correct colors are always available for picking.
  2. Upload your own fonts and make only a subset of fonts available for your users to choose from when editing a page.
  3. Create your own set of sample pages so users can select from the company standard pages when they start with a new page. You can even remove the option to start with a blank page entirely, forcing the user to always start from one of the company’s default pages.
  4. Prevent users from accidentally messing up the layout by configuring that elements should be locked by default when they start to edit a page. Repositioning or resizing can only be done after explicitly unlocking the elements on the page.

Register and categorize playback devices

Before playing anything on a playback device, it’s best to register it and then assign a channel to it. That way, you have all your players in one list, and you can easily monitor their status at a glance. Monitoring is even more critical when your players are located in different geographical locations. By assigning a town to them, you can have location-aware apps like Date, Time, Weather, and Calendar automatically show the correct location-specific data on that playback device. And if you put your players in categories, you can assign a location on category level and have all players in that category adopt that setting.

Register and categorize playback devices

Monitor player uptime

When you have many playback devices, it’s hard to track which ones are active when they are supposed to be. However, you can configure one or more schedules of when you expect players to be active and then assign players to that schedule. You can then receive “player offline” notifications via email when we detect that players that are supposed to be online are not.

Player monitoring

Quick emergency alerts

You want to warn everyone as quickly as possible when you have an emergency. Bizplay offers a quick emergency alert for this. Instantly display an emergency page across all playback devices or only a subset thereof. You can do this manually or have it triggered by a CAP alert.

Quick emergency alerts

Various security levels

By default you can play the channel on any machine with a web browser if you know the web address of a Bizplay channel. However, this might not always be what you want; therefore, you have several extra layers of security you can add. For one, allowing only registered playback devices to play your channels is possible. Another option is that only players with a particular IP address or within a specific IP address range can play your content.

Various security levels

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