Advanced use: integrate with anything

Advanced use

Integrate with anything

Want to take Bizplay to another level? Then check out our advanced connectivity options that give you ultimate flexibility.

Custom apps

Bizplay apps give you access to many common data sources and present the data neatly on your pages. But there are so many other interesting data sources online that you might want to bring to your TV screens. To accomplish that, you can also create your own Bizplay apps.

With little Javascript programming skills, you can read, transform, filter and order many data sources of your choice and format them in a layout of your liking to show on your Bizplay pages. And since this often concerns data that consists of multiple items, you can show each item one after the other; in a table or a ticker. The possibilities are endless.

“We mulled over the idea of a lobby display for a year and reached out to many different companies about their services before we came across Bizplay. Having the chance to try the software before committing to it was wonderful. The software itself is very user-friendly and doesn’t require a computer-wiz to work, which was a really big selling point for us. The lobby display has made for a beautiful addition to our space where we can keep our patrons up-to-date about upcoming shows and events and entertain a waiting audience with some of our promo videos. Theatre Tuscaloosa is going to be sticking with Bizplay for quite a while!”

Kiera Gillock
Kiera Gillock
Theatre Tuscaloosa

Trigger content from anywhere

Sometimes you want an event that occurs on one system to trigger the content of your TV screens. For example, you might want to start displaying related content when you have a device next to a TV screen that detects a specific action. You can create an event in Bizplay that an HTTP request can trigger. You can configure a playlist in the channel to start playing as soon as the predefined event is triggered.

You can even integrate this mechanism as a webhook into IFTTT, adding the ability for content to start playing on any IFTTT-compatible trigger, like the push of a button, a motion detector switching on, the occurrence of a new tweet, and many more.

Trigger content from anywhere

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