Digital signage within your organization: four reasons to start today!

Within larger companies, it can be challenging to communicate with all personnel and customers and reach a specific target audience using a mailing, newsletter, social media, or even WhatsApp.

But what about digital signage?

Digital signage can communicate any message to all target audiences with just a few mouse clicks. We list four advantages of using digital signage within your organization!

1. Digital signage strengthens your message

Digital signage strengthens your message

Communicating a message most often involves multiple channels. Using digital signage and integrating social media and other channels strengthens the message through repetition. Using the power of repetition works; to ensure information is not just received but remembered; it has to reach the audience multiple times.

Use digital signage as part of your communication strategy. As part of your internal communication toolset, digital signage is an ideal means to communicate short messages and longer content.

2. Easily communicate exceptions

Digital signage - Easily communicate exceptions

Do you want to inform your team, visitors, or customers of an exceptional situation? Using digital signage, you can quickly and easily educate an audience in different locations simultaneously with specific information.

Exceptions occur surprisingly often; does a building close early? Do you want to remind people that they need to keep a distance? Or have the rules regarding the wearing of personal protective gear changed? Digital signage is an ideal means to communicate up-to-date information at a moment's notice. TV screens stand out, and the content is easy to understand for all audiences.

3. Digital signage is a sustainable means of communication

Digital signage is a sustainable means of communication

Possibly a bit surprising since TV screens use electricity; however, digital signage is a relatively sustainable means of communication.

Instead of a poster or other printed media, you use a TV screen. Using a screen means no need for new prints using paper for each new message. Add to this the loss of materials because batch sizes of printed materials are usually much bigger than the number needed.

When you further consider the energy and chemicals involved in producing paper and printing, it becomes more evident that using a TV screen on green electricity is a more sustainable solution in the long run.

And let's not forget the consequences of a mistake; in print, it means reprinting - more waste of material and time. With digital signage, it is a matter of seconds, and the correct content is showing everywhere!

4. Colleagues will love it and will want to use it!

Digtal signage - Colleagues will love it and will want to use it!

You can expect positive responses when using digital signage within your organization. Digital signage is more flexible and draws much more attention than printed and static media. People will notice this quickly, and it will not take long for people to request their messages be part of the digital signage content.

The possibilities are endless:

  • Share sales numbers? Check!
  • Welcome guests or new team members? Check!
  • See live production figures? Check!
  • Communicate company news? Check!
  • Show new products? Check!

Using the right content strategy leverages the possibilities of digital signage for your organization. As a result, news and information about your organization find an interested audience and are made to good use.

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