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Sports clubs & gyms

Track scores and celebrate wins within your sports club through digital signage screens. In gyms, digital signage can provide entertainment but also incentivize cross-sales.

Usage in sports clubs

Show match results

Everyone likes to root for his/her players and teams. So show current match scores and/or past match results on the TV screens in and around your sports club — track players and teams on their road to victory in this season’s league.

Show live match streams

More and more sports clubs broadcast online live streams of their matches. Your signage screens are also ideal for showing those live streams.

“Our healthcare facility now has 10 Smart TV's running everything from menus to activity calendars and pictures and special events. It is so easy to use and there is no limit to how creative you want to be with fonts and graphics. There is no other digital sign company that I have found that has the features and ease of use as Bizplay or that is as affordably priced. I am also only an email or web chat away from any help that I need from the Bizplay team! Thanks for all you do!”

Heidi Spires CTRS
Heidi Spires CTRS
NHC Greenville, Greer, SC USA


Who plays where at what times? And what dressing rooms are assigned to what players or teams? Show this crucial information quickly on all TV screens. Make your life even easier by scheduling all this information for the weekend from minute to minute. That way, you inform everyone on time.

Show sponsor messages

Make your sponsors happy by giving them valuable repeated screen time on your TV screens. You can even provide them with access to their dashboard, where you could let them manage their digital signage page so that they can showcase current promotions and more. That is so much more convenient than traditional banners or posters.

Showcase upcoming and past events

Got any upcoming events? Advertise them on your digital signage screens. You can also easily display a QR code that allows people who want to participate to register themselves on the spot. And once an event has ended, be sure to share photos and videos on your screens so that no one wants to miss out on the next time.

Usage in gyms

Wayfinding and class schedules

Where can I find what classes and when do they start? Please don’t leave your customers guessing; show them the correct information and directions on the appropriate TV screens throughout your facility.

Entertain guests during workouts

Working out doesn’t have to be boring anymore. There’s so much great video content online that you can use to entertain your customers while they're working out. Include a few cool YouTube (extreme) sports playlists, and you instantly have hours of great content to offer to your customers.

Promote different classes, nutrition, sportswear and more

In your gym, many people are constantly working out (or recovering from it). In either case, they often have the opportunity to look around, and that's your chance as a gym owner to get their attention with all the other things you have to offer, such as different classes or special sports nutrition. Or maybe your new sportswear. Never miss an opportunity to upsell!

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