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Retail stores

As a retail store owner, you put in a lot of effort to stand out and serve your customer to the best of your ability. Digital signage is a crucial extension of this, especially if customers are browsing by themselves or waiting to be served.

Usages in retail stores

Tease new products

There’s nothing that drives traffic like the latest new products. Use your supplier’s artwork and videos to showcase those new products so that your customers know they have come to the right place.

Promote special offers

The other great driver of traffic is special offers. There is no better way to highlight your store's latest promotions than on your TV screens. And it’s also a great way to promote your customer loyalty program.

“When creating live TV marathon of 72 hours, we broadcast our YouTube live channel through Bizplay. This broadcast was converted to cable signal so that it could also be viewed on normal cable TV. Bizplay did a great job during these 72 hours of live streaming! We would not have made it without its stability.”

Marcel Gremmé
Marcel Gremmé
Langstraat Media

Set the mood

Large screens are becoming more and more a part of the entire store’s interior design, using stylish images and videos to complement the colors and shapes of your interior. Or show brand-specific video footage to set the matching mood and attitude.

Don’t forget your shopping window

Don't let window displays be an afterthought: they are great for enticing passersby to come inside and discover what you have to offer. You can even have the content change automatically throughout the day or week, for example, to better target specific audiences near your store at set times.

Take the quick route and see for yourself

There is no better way to find out what Bizplay can do for your digital signage needs than trying it yourself with no strings attached.