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Manufacturing & logistics

Efficient processes are critical in manufacturing and logistics facilities. Having the correct information at the right time and place is a crucial part of these processes; delivering that information is exactly what digital signage does.

Usages in manufacturing and logistics

Display primary process information

Real-time information is a crucial part of many primary processes. The best way to disclose this for many people on-premise is through a TV screen. Proces statuses, targets, current progress, personnel rosters, and more can all be displayed in your Bizplay channel in suitable locations to keep your process running as smoothly as possible.

Internal announcements

When you have important internal announcements to make, you want to reach as many people as possible. Especially people that are not often behind a desk reading emails might miss such information. With on-premise TV screens, you can effectively target all staff in your buildings. In the company restaurant, for instance.

Raise safety awareness

Employee safety is high on everyone’s list. To achieve this, communicate safety measures clearly and often. These measures are often location-specific. Display the correct safety regulations in suitable locations to reduce the risk of any incidents happening.

Strengthen your company culture

Creating and maintaining healthy company culture is hard. First, you must keep communicating your core values and the rules you want everyone to follow. Then, by having them on display everywhere and always, you slowly engrain them into the minds of your employees. In addition, the more connected your people feel with the company, the higher their morale will be. So make sure to let them know what is going on in the company by showcasing new projects, innovations, outstanding achievements, and more.


When you expect visitors, it’s first impressions that count. If you welcome them on TV screens that they see when they walk in, they’ll start their visit with a smile. That is 1-0 for you.

Tell your company story

If you have a waiting area for your visitors, be sure to let them use their waiting time wisely. Have a TV screen that tells your company’s story in text, photos, and videos.

Current news

There is so much going on in the world and your company’s industry. Show global news sources and relevant industry-specific news on your TV screens at all times; in the form of individual articles or news tickers on the bottom of your screens.

Current local situation

There can be several local situations that might be important to you. The weather, for instance. Or maybe the current traffic situation around your facility. That, too, can be readily displayed on all your digital signage screens.

Emergency alerts

It is crucial to effectively reach all people within a facility in an emergency. Bizplay’s emergency alerts feature lets you quickly overwrite all regular signage content with emergency alerts on all relevant TV screens and/or channels.

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