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As your guests wander around your lobby, there are dozens of opportunities of informing them about all sorts of services you've got in store for them. With digital signage, you can do this in the most timely manner.

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Good wayfinding reduces common questions for your staff, like “where are the toilets”? You can create pages that show the way to the toilets incidentally. Or show location pointers on a part of all your pages, like the bottom half.

Highlight local sights, tours, and entertainment

Visitors staying for leisure are likely to be interested in discovering the surroundings of your hotel. There is nothing like an excellent promotional video for local sights, tours, and entertainment to help your guests have a great time. In addition, you can add QR codes with direct-booking links to each of the pages. And if you have commission agreements, you can also add the attribution code in the link, making this a win-win for your hotel and the respective providers.

“Our healthcare facility now has 10 Smart TV's running everything from menus to activity calendars and pictures and special events. It is so easy to use and there is no limit to how creative you want to be with fonts and graphics. There is no other digital sign company that I have found that has the features and ease of use as Bizplay or that is as affordably priced. I am also only an email or web chat away from any help that I need from the Bizplay team! Thanks for all you do!”

Heidi Spires CTRS
Heidi Spires CTRS
NHC Greenville, Greer, SC USA

Announce upcoming events

A promotional campaign is a vital part of the success of events you host. Highlight upcoming events on your TV screens so no one will miss them.

Conference room schedules

If you have guests visiting your conference rooms, a clear schedule is very helpful. These can be in a central location or on small screens next to the door of each conference room.

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