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A healthcare environment can be stressful for many visitors. Providing the correct information in the right places will significantly enhance the visitor experience.

Usages in healthcare

Meet the medical professionals

Making your organization and medical professionals more approachable to visitors is an excellent way to lower any anxiety they might have. For example, you can introduce your medical professionals on your TV screens with a portrait photo, their names, and an accompanying text.

Important notices

Protocols are essential in many healthcare settings, so informing visitors of the protocols they should follow is crucial. Show this information in repeatedly appearing pages or on a fixed section of all your pages.


In larger buildings, you want to offer your visitors clear directions to where they need to go. Show this repeatedly on dedicated pages or on a fixed section of all your pages. Or even as one big static page.

“We mulled over the idea of a lobby display for a year and reached out to many different companies about their services before we came across Bizplay. Having the chance to try the software before committing to it was wonderful. The software itself is very user-friendly and doesn’t require a computer-wiz to work, which was a really big selling point for us. The lobby display has made for a beautiful addition to our space where we can keep our patrons up-to-date about upcoming shows and events and entertain a waiting audience with some of our promo videos. Theatre Tuscaloosa is going to be sticking with Bizplay for quite a while!”

Kiera Gillock
Kiera Gillock
Theatre Tuscaloosa

Medical information

Any healthcare facility will often have visitors waiting in waiting rooms. That is the perfect time to inform them of relevant medical information, like information about seasonal diseases, allergies, etc. These can be in the form of written text or explanatory videos.

Emergency alerts

It is crucial to effectively reach all people within a facility in an emergency. Bizplay’s emergency alerts feature lets you quickly overwrite all regular signage content with emergency alerts on all relevant TV screens and/or channels.

Informing staff

Keep your staff informed of the latest rosters, internal developments, news, and more. TV screens in staff areas are very effective for that purpose.

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