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Schools, colleges & universities

Students, staff, parents, and other visitors: as a school, college, or university, you constantly have many different visitors in your facilities. To address all of them, timely and effective digital signage is indispensable.

Usages in education


In larger buildings, having good directions to important locations is very convenient, especially for occasional visitors. You can show this repeatedly on dedicated pages or use a dedicated section of your page to show directions permanently.

Room schedules

A conference room schedule is beneficial if you have rooms that can be reserved for specific events. These can be in a central location and/or on small screens next to the door of each room.


When you have important announcements to make, you want to reach as many people as possible. With on-premise TV screens, you can effectively target all people visiting your location in person.

“Simple and clear CMS module. Plenty of tools to create your own look. Plug and play in 10 minutes. Without knowledge and experience it is really easy to get this system live.”

Richard van Riel
Richard van Riel
Club Den Edel

Promote upcoming events

Do you have upcoming events? Advertise them on your digital signage screens to reach as many people as possible. Do you require action from people who want to attend an event? Then add a QR code to your event pages. And when an event is over, be sure to share photos and videos on your screens.

Emergency alerts

It is crucial to effectively reach all people within a facility in an emergency. Bizplay’s emergency alerts feature lets you quickly overwrite all regular signage content with emergency alerts on all relevant TV screens and/or channels.

Increase your social media exposure

Suppose your organization is active on social media. In that case, you can use Bizplay to extend your social media presence to your TV screens, adding pages that show your latest social media posts. Or maybe you want to highlight posts with specific hashtags? You can do it with our social media apps for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

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