Used in

Bars & restaurants

Seduce your customers to try your latest specials. Or get them pumped up for upcoming events. There is no easier and more seductive way of doing this than digital signage.

Usages in bars & restaurants

Digital menu boards

Creating digital menu boards for your self-service restaurant is easy. Showcase your current menu. You can vary throughout the day, displaying the breakfast menu in the morning, the lunch menu at noon, etc. Or show your daily or weekly specials. You can even change it from your phone behind the bar.

Highlight promotions and deals

Make your promotions and offers even more prominent by highlighting them on your digital signage screens. Use attractive artwork and/or video footage from your vendors to make those offers irresistible.


Good wayfinding reduces common questions your staff gets asked, like “where are the toilets”? You can create pages that show the way to the toilets incidentally. Or show location pointers on a fixed part of all your pages, like the bottom half.

Promote upcoming events

If you regularly host events, a good promotional campaign is a key part of their success. Showcase all upcoming events on all your TV screens, so no one misses them.

Stimulate the social media buzz

Do you have a strong social media presence? Then, stimulate the buzz by displaying the latest posts related to your venue or the events you are hosting and further fuel the social media marketing fire this way.

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