Start selling your own digital signage solution in no time

Start selling your own digital signage solution in no time

Software your customers understand instantly

You want the best solution for your customers ánd yourself. One that your customers enjoy using and you spend the least amount of support on. Bizplay is exactly that: it already serves thousands of businesses that successfully went down the "do-it-yourself" route. This is a great indicator that you can get your customers up and running with minimal instruction. Leaving you to focus on your expertise. Whether it's delivery and installation of hardware, content management services or design services. Paired with the Bizplay content management system you'll have an offering that makes you excel.

Insanely easy to use

Resell as-is or white-labeled

As a reseller you can sell Bizplay "as-is". But we can also offer a white-label version, ready for you to put your name and logo on so that you can sell it as your own product. As a white-label reseller you will be able to create and manage your own customers, hand out trial subscriptions, help customers with their content and much more. All that at very attractive reseller rates.

Your own brand

Hardware of your choice

Since Bizplay runs 100% in a web browser, it works on virtually any platform. As a reseller this gives you the flexibility to choose the platform that you and your customer are most comfortable with and offers the biggest bang for the buck. Popular options are Windows- or Linux-based mini computers (like Intel NUC's), ChromeOS-based devices like Chromebits or Chromeboxes and Android-based devices. In some cases, even a Smart TV might be a good choice.

Hardware of your choice

Any questions?

If you have any questions about how you can get the most value out of the products/services you sell in combination with Bizplay, please contact us.