Turn your smart TV into a digital signage display

Design your own pages

Take full control over your messages with our intuitive and advanced designer. Simply log on to your dashboard over the internet and open your designer, even from your tablet or phone, wherever you are.

Start from a blank page and drag and drop text, images, video and even web pages to create your content. Or use existing content from the internet, like news, weather forecasts or social media posts, YouTube or Vimeo videos. All major channels can be found in our designer. You can even Build your own "social wall" to fill your entire page with posts from all your social media channels.

The designer

Create your playback sequence

Once you created a number of pages, put them into the desired playback sequence by dragging them into a playlist. You can adjust the playback duration of each page and set a nice page transition. You can even schedule individual pages only to be shown on specific days and parts of the day. Create as many playlists as you like to further fine-tune your presentations to the locations of your TV screens.

Organize pages in a playlist

Turn your smart TV into a digital signage display