Why we do what we do

Why we do what we do

Signs have always been one of the most popular means to reach a local audience. But in a fast changing world, static signs are too restrictive. Digital signs are the way of the future. Digital signs have been around for quite some time, but are often managed by technical professionals, since hardware was traditionally expensive and hard to setup and the software difficult to use.

Luckily, nowadays it isn't hard to mount a screen on the wall and (optionally) connect a little computer. This can be hardware that you already own or decide to purchase yourself. All you then need is a way to manage your digital signage content, hassle-fee. That is where Bizplay comes in: the world's easiest to use cloud-based digital signage content management solution. Since it runs in virtually any web browser we at Bizplay do not get bogged down by specific hardware concerns but can focus primarily on creating the best software experience and continuously improving that.

It's our mission is to make do-it-yourself digital signage available and easy to manage for everyone.

The Founders

We -Bob Groeneveld and Pascal Lindelauf- are long time friends and colleagues. In 2012 we founded Bizplay out of love of creating innovative tools that our customers enjoy using. The kind that feel intuitive and don't make you question yourself every time you work with them.

Pascal Lindelauf

Pascal Lindelauf

As an IT consultant I have engineered many software solutions for medium-sized businesses to big banks. My passion has always been creating things that people love. With Bizplay we set out to make the lives of many content managers easier. I'm thrilled when customers enthusiastically send us emails confirming that we are on the right track.

Bob Groeneveld

Bob Groeneveld

Having worked on many complex software solutions I've learned that their ultimate success lies in how enjoyable they are to use. All other important aspects of the software are then assumed and therefore should be of high quality. I enjoy making sure that the complexity that is required to ensure this overall quality does not burden the user and is only "noticeable" in a flawlessly functioning, simple to use product.


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